17+ years experience.



Minnow Mountain (Tower)

Worked as a 2D Animator on the Feature film Tower chronicling the 1966 UT campus shooting.


Tiger Style Games (Spider, Rite of the Shrouded Moon)

Worked remotely as a 2D Artist creating in-game world art, animated sprites and promotional illustration.


Playdom – Disney Interactive (unannounced titles)

Worked contractually on location and remotely as a concept artist designing characters and environment assets in top down isometric perspective. Both games remain unannounced but were intended for Facebook format.


BioWare (Starwars – The Old Republic)
2008 – 2010

Worked contractually on location and remotely as a concept artist for the upcoming game Starwars – The Old Republic. My duties were primarily creature and character design, but I also conceptualized a fair share of world objects, placables, etc.


Flat Black Film Productions (The Even More Fun Trip)
2006 – 2007

Worked contractually as a 2D animator on the independent short film The Even More Fun Trip using the same technology that was used on A Scanner Darkly.


A Scanner Darkly (Detour Film Productions)
2004 – 2005

Worked as a 2d animator and had a small hand in conceptual design on the feature film A Scanner Darkly which was shot and directed by Richard Linklater and starred Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder, and Robert Downey Jr. The entire film was rotoscope animated using proprietary software developed by Bob Sabiston (Waking Life).


Skylab Entertainment (Title Unannounced)
2003 – 2004

Worked with a small but very experienced team of industry veterans on an immersive 3D action title originally aimed at the X-Box.

I was responsible for the conceptual design on all the visual aspects of the game, from characters  to environments, to vehicles and weapons. My duties also included creating 2D skins for all of the character models and textures for the world as well as story-boarding cinematic sequences. I also had a large hand in the high game design.


Duke Nukem Forever (3D Realms)

Worked contractually designing characters/creatures for the next installment to the classic first person shooter series Duke Nukem.


Contract work (Ritual Entertainment)

I worked contractually “in house” at Ritual designing characters for an unannounced sci-fi/western title.  I was brought in to lay down a solid and consistent look that would define the characters for this particular project.

Contract work (Ritual Entertainment)

I was contracted by Ritual to work on a 2D playable Gameboy Advance game proposal.  I was responsible for about 80 percent of the art, which included a full set of character animations, objects, and environment art.


American McGee’s Alice (Rogue Entertainment)
June 2000 to Feb 2001

Concept artist. Worked with a professional and very experienced team on a 3D third person action adventure title.  Did design and concept work on more than 85 percent of the characters, creatures, environments, objects, etc.

Skinned a large portion of miscellaneous ambient objects in the game.  Created color illustrations of characters for press related use.


Heavy Metal F A K K 2 (Ritual Entertainment)
Nov 1999 to Feb 2000

Worked with a professional and very well established team on a 3D third person action adventure title.  Conceptualized a major portion of characters and objects.  Skinned a small portion of characters.


Vengeance (Primitive Earthling Games)
Jan 1998 to July 1999

Worked with a small independent start-up team to develop an independent retail Quake2 mission pack.  Designed and conceptualized all characters and weapon.  Skinned all characters and weapons. I was in charge of all art direction and a major contributor to general game design. The mission pack was finished and displayed by GT Interactive at E3 98 but, for legal reasons, was never published.


Diffusion (Wraith Corporation)
Jan 1997 to Jan 1998

Worked with a small group of independent developers to create a Quake1 multiplayer mod for Quake andQuakeWorld based around the idea of capture the flag, where the flag is a time bomb. The mod featured many new weapon items and gameplay modes.  Diffusion received critical acclaim from several community web sites likeScary’s and Blue’s News but unfortunately still had a short lifespan.  Skinned the bulk of the weapons and objects.  Created new player skin for the Quake1 player model.


Operation Bayshield
August 1997

Operation Bayshield was a Quake movie DEM file created with a group of friends over the course of three days.  The only movie before it was titled Ranger Gone Bad and upon seeing it we decided to make a parody movie.Bayshield was heralded as the funniest and most technically superior Quake movie for quite some time, only to be superseded a year later by the movie Blahbalicious.  It still stands out as one of the best ever, and many of the currently practicing Machinimists (Machine+Cinema) list it as the single event that inspired them to get involved in the community and produce their own movies.  For specific interviews where this is discussed, see machinima.comand search for “operation bayshield getting to know”.  I was responsible for a huge portion of writing, directing and voice acting in Operation Bayshield.